[Drink royal jelly to get angry]_whether get angry_action

[Drink royal jelly to get angry]_whether get angry_action

The taste of royal jelly is much different from that of traditional honey, because the more pure the royal jelly, the more spicy it will taste.

And the same value of royal jelly and honey are also different, because the nutritional value of royal jelly is richer than honey.

However, there are still disadvantages to royal jelly. For example, too much or too much diabetes, it is not convenient to eat royal jelly. Will it get angry after eating royal jelly?

Drink royal jelly to get angry? Royal jelly is a hot tonic food, although the nourishing value is obvious, but not everyone is suitable.

Maybe, for example, healthy people will get angry when taking it, infants, children will cause precocious puberty.

Royal jelly is only suitable for people who are weak after illness, malnutrition in children, frail elderly, and Yin deficiency in women.

The main effects of royal jelly are generally recognized as follows: 1. It helps reduce blood sugar.

This effect is mainly due to the reasoning of the insulin-like peptides it contains, which are specific drugs for the treatment of diabetes.

2. Antioxidant effect.

This effect is affirmed by the general public, and it has a strong effect on cell repair and regeneration.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) detected in royal jelly is the main component of antioxidants.

3. Reduce blood lipids.

Royal jelly contains more than 10 vitamins necessary for the human body, which can balance trace metabolism and sugar metabolism, can reduce the hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia of obese people, and is very suitable for obese diabetic patients.

4. Control vasodilation and lower blood pressure.

This toxin comes from its contained 10-hydroxy-decenoic acid (royalic acid) and the main royal jelly protein-1.

Precautions for drinking royal jelly Royal jelly cannot be washed with boiling water or tea. It is easy to destroy its active substances because the temperature is too high. The substitution of acid and iron in tea water will reduce its effectiveness.

Another thing is that you must take it for a long time to get results.

Shelf life: Royal jelly is required to be stored at low temperature, and the storage temperature is -5-7 ° C.

Practice has proved that under such temperature conditions, the score changes little when stored for one year, and can be stored for several years under the condition of -18 ° C without deterioration.

Capsules and tablets can be stored at room temperature for 2 years.

Eating royal jelly before bed is a wrong diet.

This is because royal jelly is rich in carbohydrates and increases blood viscosity after entering blood vessels.

The person’s rate of sleep center slows down, and the blood flow rate is aligned. If you take royal jelly before bedtime, it may cause local hemodynamic abnormalities, cause microcirculation disorders, and easily cause cerebral thrombosis.