[Do you want to simmer the braised pork?]

[Do you want to simmer the braised pork?]

Everyone has eaten braised pork, and it is also a well-known dish. Braised pork has a high nutritional value and an extremely rich taste. Many people are making it for the first time, except to clean the meat., I don’t think there are other methods for processing braised pork. In fact, braised pork needs to be simmered, but when simmered, you need to pay attention to controlling the heat, and the ratio of seasoning.

What to pay attention to when making braised pork at home?

The most typical question or procedural dispute is: Should the braised pork be simmered?

Before answering the question, let’s take a look at what the water can do: 1 Remove the residual blood, it can also be said to remove impurities.

If the meat is simmered in the water, light-coffee-colored foam will come out, and impurities such as the meat will be cooked.

2 stereotypes.

Braised meat, if not simmered in water, is generally not a square shape, and the meat will definitely shrink and deform when heated.

But after simmering the water, make sure that it is not cooked and cut into pieces, the meat is smooth.

3 taste.

Braised pork is usually a substitute for pork belly with skin, which is fatter. It will not be so greasy after cooking after simmering.

From this point of view, Lishui is still necessary.

But it is not absolute.

There is also a belief that good pork does not require dehydration.

Because if the fresh pork is simmered with less meat, the stewed meat will be less fragrant.

If you really need decanter, what are the precautions?

1 directly cut into pieces of the same size to simmer, when the slicing is slightly larger, even shrinking after simmering will not affect the sale.

After all, the food is beautiful, and the appearance of food is also very important.

2 When does the meat go into the pot, many people have a misunderstanding that the simmered water is just cooked in the water to go fishy, and it is often boiled when the water is boiled. In fact, this is not the best choice. Pork simmered mustIf the pan is heated under cold water and then heated, the blood in the meat will be forced out. If the water is directly poured into the pan, the surface of the meat will lock the water in it, and the blood will not come out.

Finally, let ‘s take a look at how to make braised pork.

Ingredients: pork belly, old soy sauce, star anise, ginger, pepper, hemp oil, rock sugar, garlic, salt Step 1. Prepare the materials, wash the pork belly, cut into the size of a mahjong block;Star anise; 3 Pour pork belly and stir fry until slightly burnt on both sides, add cooking wine or white wine, soy sauce, rock sugar; 4 Turn into a casserole and add boiling water, and simmer for an hour, pay attention to turning frequently, try to evenly color, and avoid stickypot.

Sprinkle some pepper and salt before serving.