[Ginger saline effect and efficacy]_ginger saline_benefit_reduction

[Ginger saline effect and efficacy]_ginger saline_benefit_reduction

Ginger is actually eaten by many friends in the diet, because the smell of ginger is special, and it can remove the fishy or stale smell of food.

Putting ginger in salt water can actually have a therapeutic effect on flour-infected skin.

Friends aiming at athlete’s foot must actually insist on treatment, because dust infections are prone to repetitive situations.

Ginger hay can effectively treat athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot is a very common fracture infectious skin disease, 70-80% of adults have athlete’s foot, only the severity is different, and athlete’s foot is easy to be complicated by other complications, then how to treat athlete’s footHow about it?

Dermatologists point out that sodium ginger can be used to treat beriberi.

Ingredients: ginger, salt, vinegar.

Method: 100 grams of ginger (22), 50 grams of salt, put into the pot, add about two large bowls of water, boil for 10 minutes, pour into a footbath, let it cool naturally to a temperature acceptable to the feet, add vinegar 100Ml, soak the affected foot for 30 minutes.

Principle: Three kinds of materials in the recipe are mixed with sterilization effect. The sterilization effect of these three materials alone is not strong, but the combination can bring good sterilization effect.

It is best to soak for more than one month, because the shrinkage on the feet cannot be completely removed in a short time, and some are even hidden in the toe seam. This is one of the reasons why athlete’s foot is easy to repeat repeatedly.

Effective time: generally 3?
You can see improvement 7 times, but it takes 1?
About 2 weeks.

To ensure eradication, it is best to persist for 4 weeks.