[Can you eat bird’s nest just after pregnancy]_Bird’s nest_Can you eat

[Can you eat bird’s nest just after pregnancy]_Bird’s nest_Can you eat

We often see some advertisements about bird’s nest in TV series or some TV commercials, because bird’s nest has very high nutritional value and it also has a certain health effect on our body.

And bird’s nest has a very high effect on anti-aging, so many people will use bird’s nest for health.

Then let’s find out if we can eat bird’s nest just after pregnancy?

First, can you eat bird’s nest just after pregnancy? According to reports, in Singapore, more than half of pregnant women consume various bird’s nest products to ensure that their babies are healthier and smarter in the future.

1, can provide and supplement the nutrients required during pregnancy and maternity. It turns out that pregnant women eat very little in the early stages of pregnancy due to vomiting and other reasons. Relatively speaking, the absorption of nutrients will be greatly affected.

The bird’s nest only needs to consume 1-2 tinctures per day, and the nutrition that it can supplement can be greater than or equal to the nutrients that pregnant women usually eat three meals a day.

2. Supplementation “Bird’s Nest Acid” required during the first three months of pregnancy is the most critical period for the growth and development of the nervous system and various organs. Bird’s nest contains up to 10% of bioactive ingredients, which are necessary for the human body.Important “Neuraminic Acid” — “Bird’s Nest Acid” (Bird’s Nest Acid is a vitamin necessary for the development of the brain and the improvement of the immune system, which can promote the speed of information transmission of brain nerve cells and improve memory.

The precious ingredient “Bird’s Nest Acid” is found only in the best colostrum and bird’s nest in breast milk.

) 3. Prevent stretch marks According to statistics, when 70% -90% of pregnant women are pregnant for the first time, when the abdomen expands rapidly and exceeds the stretch of the belly skin, it will cause fibrous tissue and collagen caused by subcutaneous tissue.The protein fiber is broken due to expansion and stretch marks are produced.

Second, the most suitable food to eat in early pregnancy Generally speaking, the things that should be eaten during pregnancy are: 1, the main food rice, noodles should not be too white, take the use of moderately processed rice noodles.

The staple food should not be too single. It should be replaced with rice noodles, miscellaneous grains, and dried beans. Thickness and thinness are conducive to obtaining comprehensive nutrition and improving the nutritional value of food proteins.

2, green vegetables or other colored vegetables should be used for vegetables.

Two-thirds of the vegetables in the pregnant woman’s diet should be leafy greens.

3, fruit citrus, jujube, hawthorn is rich in ascorbic acid, the price is relatively low, and other fruits can be eaten.

Except cherries.