[Does Barracuda Crab belong to the sea crab]_Type_Classification

[Does Barracuda Crab belong to the sea crab]_Type_Classification

There are many types of crabs, and the taste of each crab is different. Therefore, for those who like to eat crabs, when they eat crabs, they can often taste what kind of crabs they are.

Barracuda is also a very common crab species in the crab market, and crabs are also divided into river crabs and sea crabs. So are barracudas crabs?

Barracuda is indeed at sea and is distributed in many coastal areas.

Is Barracuda Crab?

Barracuda, commonly known as “white crab” in some places.

Because the head and breastplate are shuttle-shaped, they are called shuttles.

The center of the carapace is three in one, so it is also called “triple wart shuttle crab” and belongs to arthropods.

The male umbilical tip is smooth and absorbing, and the shell surface is cyan; the female umbilicus is round with fluff, the shell surface is ochre, or has spots.

The barracuda crab meat is delicious, has high nutritional value and economic value, and is suitable for seawater temporary nutrition.

The carapace is fusiform, almost twice the width; the surface of the carapace is covered with fine particles, with 2 grains of lateral embankment and 3 wart-like depressions; the forehead has 2 sharp teeth; the front side edge has 9Only sharp teeth, terminal teeth long spines, protruding beyond.

The claw feet are stout, and the length is wider than the carapace; the long section is prismatic, and the male long section is longer, and the leading edge has 4 sharp spines.

Barracuda is delicious and released quickly, and it was received the next day.

The packaging is complete and tight. The outer insulation film and the blister box are inside. After opening, there are ice packs on the top and bottom.

Although one head is slightly small, it is full and not empty.

The crab shells were clean and blue and very fresh.

Crab tongs are fixed with rubber bands, so don’t worry about getting caught.

Because it is alive, the legs are still moving around when withdrawing.

The three sizes are slightly different, and are basically as large as a palm.

It’s all male crabs, not much yellow, it should be a seasonal relationship.

But the meat is very full and firm.

It is full of freshness and smells of salty and salty sea water.

The crab shell is opened clean and free of mud and sand.

This yellow is very full, and the corners are full, so you can make drunk crabs.

The crabs were full of meat, and the yellows were about to overlap.

As you can imagine, it will be even better in the autumn of October.

The basic way to eat pike crab is to steam or fry. I cooked the pasta and it was very good.

The umami taste of crabs and the sour taste of tomato sauce match very well.

The spaghetti was full of delicious crab juice, so delicious that it couldn’t stop. The big pot of her husband was swept away in a while, and the call was too delicious.

The advantages and disadvantages of barracuda are: rapid logistics, good packaging, and crabs are still alive when they get home.

Fresh ingredients are sufficient, clean and clean.

The price is also very good, and the price is very high.

Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages. It is not very fat in the current season, and it is definitely more plump in autumn. It will be a good choice to buy drunk crabs or crabs.